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Anonymous user

19:08:25 06/07/2017

i am searching for rubick cube above 5by5 like 6by6, 7by7 or more, if u have kindly send me price and pictures.i am intrested


06:03:20 06/04/2017

tiene buen giro para la practica es muy bueno


06:02:43 06/04/2017

tiene un buen giro para la pratica es muy bueno


06:02:10 06/04/2017

Es muy bueno su giro todo


03:39:27 03/23/2017

I watched a video about this cube, and the cube that arrived to me was completely different. It has a odious sound of a spring when you turn it slowly and you can't cut 45 degrees as shown in the video by JRCuber.
Good for beginners, by the way.
Completely disappointed.

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