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07:30:14 07/13/2018

Really nice puzzle, I have a lot of fun playing with it


19:24:50 01/13/2018

I liked it, I think other brands may be better, but I liked the spin, it did not hurt my times. It may be good to lubricate to get better.


23:00:46 10/13/2016

very very bad clock. comes with a lot of scratches, pins are bad, mine broke like a week after getting it. clocks not syncronised so you cannot solve it. wait for the qiyi one. also wayyyyy overpriced.


11:07:19 07/01/2015

The shipping took 14 business days, the clock is pretty good. It was stiff when it came out of the box but with some breaking in it's great. Same with the pins. I lubed it as well and it's awesome! There are a few cracks here and there on the surface starting from the pin holes but it's no big deal, they're hardly noticeable and don't affect the solves or the puzzle. I've had it for about a day and well broken in!


14:40:44 10/29/2014

if you are expecting your clock to look like the one in the picture, then don't buy it. It's not as it is. Also, the clock is good at turning, but the pins is a bit dodgy, get jammed sometimes. This is probably because of when the pieces aren't turned fully but it gets really annoying. Also, one of the clocks never point exactly and 12 o'clock even though I know it is at 12 o'clock. Also, if you're expecting to see each 1 hour clock, the only thing you can see if the 12 o'clock. you can't see the rest of the hours, no dots to guide you... If you just want a clock to play with, then this will be good I guess...

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