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17:05:43 01/31/2017

3 stars because
- i don't like stickers and they colors
- i don't like stickers shape
- noisy / loud cube
Is good for speedcubing but not for my taste, in my opinion doesn't worth this price compared with others cubes. Isn't expensive


06:53:26 02/04/2016

Awesome cube. A bit under-tensioned. Great corner Cutting, speed. No twists, No pops if you give it the right tension. Lockups occur when you try to reverse cut at the line. Totally a great cube for a great price.


04:50:23 09/07/2015

Cubo muy muy suave que para principiantes como yo, no recomiendo. Va muy suelto y aunque lo he apretado, parece que se me escapa de las manos. Increible corte de esquinas, eso si.


09:20:16 09/06/2015

To be honest this cube isn't as good as people say it is. The cube is super smooth but it is also uncontrollable and "clacky." The plastic feels cheap and the cube can catch on fingers.


20:19:46 04/02/2015

Very fast cube, smooth, cuts 45 degrees easily if tensioned correctly, pops are very, very rare (on loose tensions, they can happen tho obviously), but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, because it can be uncontrollable (cuz the VERY fast speed) and can be unstable. For advanced cubers it will be a dream. Five out of five potatoes.

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