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18:55:50 02/04/2016

This cube is really good. You can really feel the YJ Moyu quality.
It turns really well and even corner cuts enough not to feel constricted in your movements.
Solving wise, I thought it would simply be a 3x3 shapeshifter but after solving the bottom layer I'm starting to struggle. Apparently, the centers can be swapped and therefore need to be placed and oriented before continuing the solve.
I really recommend this cube if you like quality, shapeshifters and a new approach of the 3x3


07:26:41 11/16/2015

Excelente cubo, muy suave y entretenido


20:10:24 11/25/2014

this is an amazing puzzle! really smooth turning, sticker quality is good, but the little stickers on the corners can come off, so I took some superglue and glued them on the cube again. the stickers look reaaly nice too, nice sheets. the challenge is not so hard if you can solve a 3x3x3. it's a great shape mod and it is the moyu quality! I recommend this to everybody.. it's worth your money


15:58:59 11/10/2014

This cube is awesome ! Turning so smooth. Looks and feels nice. Great one for anyone's collection. Solve it like Fisher cube or 3x3x3 ( not too hard ). Worth every cents ! Must have for your collection.


07:14:49 08/28/2014

very fun, moyu quality, slight twist on fisher cube. stickers could be better aligned, but that's nitpicking- fyi if you remove these you may want to re-apply adhesive (carefully!) had almost finished it and had two corners to be oriented- looked like "ears!" highly recommend, great price great shape mod, if you don't have a fisher cube get this

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