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00:35:16 01/21/2017

Great cube for my collection. It turns nicely and looks awesome in scramble.


00:55:16 12/20/2016

I totally love this puzzle. It moves so smoothly and it looks awesome when it is scrambled. It changes shape which makes it so very fun to solve. If you like 2x2x2's and shape changing puzzles than you will love this 2x2x2 mirror block. Thank you Cubezz!


02:04:16 08/18/2016

It is obviously not the greatest turning puzzle in the world, but it really isn't that bad. Right out of the box it is very stiff and catches a lot. But after doing like 20 solves it still isn't the smoothest, but you can turn it easily. Corner cut is also pretty good, around 40 degrees. I also like the style of the stickers, because I have the Shengshou 3x3 mirror blocks and this 2x2 has the same style, so they perfectly fit together.


12:33:42 06/30/2016

I writed a negative review some time ago, but I have to say, Nice update! now the stickers are better and is not bad at all, very smooth
Escribi una reseña negativa hace algun tiempo pero debo decir ahora que ha tenido una buena actualización :v , los stickers son mejores y el cubo sigue siendo suave y con buenos cortes

Anonymous user

19:00:24 03/06/2016

when i tried corner cutting around 10 degress right out of the box a torpedo popped of a piece....

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