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Anonymous user

09:06:28 07/06/2017

The moyu weipo is a really good cube that you can get the same times like the dayan 2x2.Everything about it makes it good but it is really loose out of the box but I didn't thighten it because I like the cube loose.The cube has never popped on me but if you drop the cube on a hard surface, it would break most of the time but that is only when you drop the cube.

Anonymous user

12:16:55 04/22/2017

I loved it! When I got it and first used it I was like "Wow! This is pretty damn fast!" It was my main out of the box until someone threw it under a construction center and was never to be found again ;(. Now I want a new WeiPo because I can only get sub- 20s with my stupid Shenshou 2x2. With the WeiPo I get tonnes of sub- 10 or 5s.

Anonymous user

10:23:58 04/04/2017

I see the massive hype and the hype from me was pretty insane because of other people's hype. But when I got it the hype was disappointing from my first turns and impressions, it lacks corner cutting and feels gummy and lacks speed. But after cleaning it out and setting it up and tensioning its better but not as good as many people say it is, maybe just my batch, but anyway, not recommended from my point of view and my batch, I'll work on the cube to see if it gets any better in speed, corner cutting and over all performance. Kind of disappointing from the expectations of other people and the price but its not a bad cube but it is not great.


21:16:35 02/26/2017

Probably the best 2x2 on the market. Corner cutting is great, and it reduced my times drastically. Turning is very smooth. The only con is that if it pops, it's very difficult to reassemble.


20:12:01 09/23/2016

Out of the box the cube was too fast for me.Then i did about 200 solves on it and the cube got a little bit slower and now is perfect!

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