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02:45:17 12/01/2019

Good plastic quality, the stickers are accepable, but i ordered a set from Olivér's stickers, because this is my favourite cube. Mechanically, it's a dino cube with extra pieces through the cuts. But in solving, i hanle it as 2 offset skewbs combined with a 90 degree turn. Making patterns is harder than in a classic 3x3, but it's very interesting.


06:12:02 04/08/2019

feels a bt like the diansheing octoheadron, in the turning if you have that but probably you don't so more so like a regular old 1990's rubik's cube but smoother, it's got a couple of catches and things but overall a great cube for the collection and still a fun solve overall, Skewbs are almost never that good for modding but this ones alright for simple mods


00:51:04 08/18/2018

Great puzzle, one of my fav, in fact. Very challenging cube. It's a Rex cube with some extra pieces: that little diabolical corners.


05:30:03 10/09/2017

Cubo muy entretenido de resolver, tiene un buen giro, no se traba, hasta ahora no he tenido problemas con él. Recomendable si te gusta el cubo Rex y los cubos con giro en las esquinas en general.


23:22:58 05/22/2017

Ufff... muy entretenido... un paso obvio luego de solucionar el cubo rex

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