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06:22:47 04/08/2019

I'd get this as a present for people who don't cube to just have something to fidget with, it's got a few cool patterns you can make with it and it's not a hard puzzle and you don't really need to know what you're doing to solve it, it's fun and cheap, worth getting for sure


01:30:50 05/14/2017

Nice 2x2x2 mod. Smooth turning and it is shape shifting!. Looks cool. J2017


16:45:44 02/23/2017

Hello!!!! I love this cube! Now this cube is excitingly different. The plastic quantity is fantastic! The textured sticker feel is awesome! The turning is wonderful! What a great mechanism this Hello cube has. If you love shape changers and 2x2's you will absolutely love this cube. An amazing twisty puzzle from an awesome twisty puzzle store. Thank you Cubezz!

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