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15:42:29 12/13/2019

The rotation of the cube at the beginning was a bit dry and block constantly, I solved the problem by applying lubricant, now it turns very well, the relation quality price is good, I definitely recommend it, greetings from Peru


06:21:07 04/08/2019

It's a standard void cube, not much to say about this one, needs lube and turns average if you've ever had one before i'd get the more blocky one because It looks better imo


08:03:39 09/08/2018

Interal parts Broke straight away but I only wanted it for collection so I glued it toghether


03:56:26 08/18/2018

It looks great, nice colors, but it's catchy (hence I give it ****). Slightly more difficult than the Rubik's cube, because it is void and if the positions where the centers would have been are permuted differently you'll realize only when you're at the last layer.


00:39:34 03/20/2017

This is my third void cubes of different brands and i can say that it's the best one of the three in term of turning. It's a new design by the look of it. Good void cube for this price. J2017

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