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05:01:00 08/24/2019

Nice cube, smooth turns.Thank you so much


20:00:06 04/17/2019

I was very satisfied with the turning quality of the MF8 4-Layer Skewb. I also purchased the Dayan Professor Skewb and that one popped many times. The MF8 4-Layer Skewb, while not perfectly proportional, it is a much more enjoyable, pop-free solve. During my first three hour long solve, the square pieces next to the edge pieces jammed twice, but I managed to wiggle them back to their correct positions without a pop. I love the master skewb so the MF8 4-Layer Skewb was a real treat. The Dayan Professor Skewb is like a time bomb, just waiting to pop. If it catches just slightly, it can pop with minimal force. The MF8 4-Layer Skewb is much more stable.

New challenges with the edge pieces. At first glance, you think you see two edge pieces per wedge, but look again. What look like square center pieces are actually part of the edge piece wedge. There are 4 pieces per wedge. A simple commutator with conjugates will allow you to cycle just three of those pieces without damaging anything else on the puzzle. The center pieces work the same as on the master skewb, just more of them, so more reduction.

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