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02:05:03 10/23/2021

Muito bom


07:06:20 04/08/2019

this puzzle is really confusing and it takes a lot of time to create algorithms that work for but I love it, it's turning locks up every once in a while but you can just add lube and it makes it a lot smother, it's kind of the brother of the starminx v3 but because its curvy it adds a bit more to the puzzle and makes it more difficult


19:09:54 02/20/2018

The MF8 Bauhinia (Rex) Dodecahedron was a very fun and challenging solve that arrived pre-stickered. This leviathan is the dual of the icosahedron Eitan’s Star, so that should give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into. However, it is a bit easier than Eitan’s Star. What were corners on Eitan’s are now centers so you don’t need to orient them. Eitan’s had tiny edge pieces that required being in an exact place, yet their dual on the Bauhinia are identical tiny off-center pieces that don’t mind being placed in any one of five different positions.

You need to be careful when you turn it as the pieces can catch, however, I didn’t find lubrication necessary as it was on Eitan’s Star. It popped on me once during the first solve in which about six pieces came out but was easy to reassemble quickly. I had no problem with the stickers and the shades have a good contrast.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford Eitan’s Star, this puzzle can give you almost the same challenge at about half the price. The same strategy and algorithms are used on this perspective bender.

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