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02:26:42 12/15/2016

The outer layers turn just fine but the inner layers are not that smooth ( very catchy! ) but it's still a good stickerless cube for this price. MF4s might be a better choice?.


03:35:30 07/06/2016

good 4x4, good value for money. I enjoy it, im not a speedsolver though.
inner layers are indeed stiffer than outer layers.


12:54:49 12/15/2015

Like you would find in other reviews, this cube has excellent outer layers but very crunchy inner layers. Other than that it it is a really nice cube, however if you are looking for a sticker-less 4x4x4 I would strongly recommend the Moyu Aosu.


12:53:16 02/06/2015

Outside layers are super smooth but i cant say the same about the inside layers... anyway, is a good 4x4 y really like the colors of the CycloneBoys cubes :)


00:59:40 01/12/2015

Outside layers are super smooth. Inside layers feel a little clunky out of the box and have a tendency to catch a little, but not so much as to lock the cube up. All in all, I think this is a great cube, but someone who intends to speed solve may feel differently. I am extremely satisfied.

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