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02:05:59 09/20/2018

I have been playing with this "SS something cube" on and off for the last few years thinking that it is 60mm! But instead it is 62mm cube! Which can only mean one thing, they had sent me the wrong cube! But this "SS something? 62mm cube" turns nice and smooth!. I kind of like it a lot even it is not 60mm cube that i had ordered!. Will try to buy this 60mm cube again in the near future and see if they send me the wrong one again. Cheers!.


03:57:07 12/23/2016

Great cube for this price. Good turning. If you get sick of it, well you can always mod it into 4x4x2 or AI cube. J2016


11:27:38 09/13/2016

Decent, not the best one, but as any SS, it has a very different feeling in the hands


23:54:08 06/16/2016

Amazing cube, feels great, I recommend this cube to everyone, note that this is the only 4x4 I own. Although seriously, this cube is smooth and does not lock up on me at all. Just make sure not to take it apart, took me two hours to reassemble this.


11:17:03 02/02/2016

Amazing cube for the price first time buying a 4x4 and love it only con was it came with a little bit of oil on the outside of the cube but comes off easy great cube!

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