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17:29:14 04/27/2017

a very good 4x4x4!


05:51:13 11/24/2015

Amazing 4x4! You will this for speed cubing once u get the lube for it!


05:55:06 11/05/2015

Best 4x4 on the market, the cube is very smooth and has a crispy feeling.
The stickers have nice colors but the glue of them isnt really good, after a couble of solves I guessed that the stickers can slip or come off.


12:01:29 03/07/2015

Without doubt this is the smoothest 4x4 on the market out of the box. It was prelubed, but the tension is quite loose. However, I do get pops, about one every 10-15 solves, even though I consider myself not a forceful turner at all. Overall, the best 4x4 i own though without modding it.


10:19:23 01/03/2015

The Aosu is a very fast cube, and exceeded all of my expectations. It turned very smoothly after lubrication. Highly recommended for good 4x4 speedsolvers.

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