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15:33:07 09/22/2019

Elegant classy look , feels good to hold , nice product

Anonymous user

07:11:27 06/11/2018

Out of the box this cube felt sluggish. But after loosening and lubing this cube was super great. I have done many solves with this cube and it perfectly fits my turning speed.


18:03:42 10/14/2017

Nice cube. Looks interesting and feels like a cube should


06:17:51 03/15/2017

Out of the box this cube did have some scratches and the pieces felt like they wanted to come apart. Before I did a solve I took out a couple pieces just to make sure they were together because I did feel a little catching but everything turned out fine so maybe that was just me. But yeah this cube feels and looks amazing. I have no problems at all. I think everyone should buy it just because it's awesome and cheap. Its a high quality cube. Im most likely not going to lube it at all its juat perfect as is. I love it


04:21:36 06/24/2016

Love the deal, it is very smooth and fast cube. Great corner cutting, but the transparency can become confusing. Great for a collection. 4/5 stars.

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