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02:01:09 09/29/2015

Los cortes laterales si que van bien. El central no, se engancha bastante. Los MoYu, aunque sea el barato, el YuSu, van mucho mejor


02:24:43 07/03/2015

A very good cube. Very smooth turning and good corner cutting. It is difficult to assemble like all even numbered cubes, but absolutely possible. The other reviewer probably didn't know to to reassemble it, since I figured out myself easily after taking it apart to tension.It has NEVER popped on me, so I don't think assembly will be a problem anyway. HIGHLY recommended for the price, though if money is not an issue you might bebetter off with an Aosu or a Yuxin.


02:20:37 07/03/2015

This is great. The turning is very nice with corner cutting that is good enough.The shades are also quite nice. I recommend it as it is very good for the price. It is a bit difficult to assemble, like most even numbered cubes are, but absolutely possible. The other reviewer probably just doesn't know how to assemble it. I took it apart to tension it, and it took me a while but eventually I reassembled it. However, assembly shouldn't be aproblen since it NEVER pops.

Anonymous user

07:51:59 06/10/2015

This cube was great while it lasted for, ONLY 3 DAYS until it popped scattering sll the pieces. Completley disassembling the cube making it impossible to reassemble especiall adding onto the extremley loose washers. Highly unreccomended

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