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01:05:41 11/18/2016

Very good, fast and overall amazing cube for it's price range. I would recommend it as first speed cube. It has amazing corner cutting and moves very fluently, but green color is bad, it looks very familiar to yellow. Also cube itself feel the way it is, cheap but good. still great cube.


22:36:34 06/06/2016

A very fast cube with a good price. I've not gotten to experience other speed cubes, but this cuts corners very well and has a smooth and easy turn. It was well worth the money.

Anonymous user

15:45:29 01/09/2016

Defiantly one of the best cubes in the market best corner cutting I ever seen light and airy feel followed from some smoothness and crispyness speed wise this cube does 180,s easilyset my PB 24 get this cube Don,t hesitate


15:37:05 01/09/2016

This cube is absolutely the one of the best speed cube in the market corner cuts any where you put it light and airy feel followed with smooth and crispyness. The speed is really fast it can perform U2,s with one flick defiantly get this cube


17:25:54 12/19/2015

Muy buen cubo y barato. Impresionante corte de esquinas, muy suave y de colores muy bonitos

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