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04:51:57 04/08/2019

They tired with this puzzle, but it is not worth the price, getting one of the newer gans puzzles will make you a lot happier then spending money on this, It's almost like a clunky Along v2

Anonymous user

14:55:13 04/15/2016

This cube felt great right out of the box. It feels like GuoGuan Yuexiao Ccrunchy and clicky) and it has the control of the Aolong V2. I have never gotten a corner twist or pop from this cube. It corner cuts more than 45 degrees. If you are looking for a super fast, non corner-cutting cube that never pops or corner twists and like a crunchy, clicky feeling, I recommend that you get this cube. Better than the V2.

Anonymous user

09:26:13 01/25/2016

This cube is a lot faster than the Aolong V2. The squared off corners resembles the Tanglong. This cube is quite a bit more clicky and crunchy than the V2. Corner twists are non existent and I have never gotten a pop to this cube. On the downside, there are a lot of catching for me, probably because of my rough turning style. I would recommend it if you want a faster cube than the V2. For me, I'd still recommend the V2 more than the GT.

Anonymous user

02:59:31 12/06/2015

The best cube so far, thaks Moyu for doing it again.

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