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06:41:18 06/11/2018

Great cube. Corner cuts amazingly, and never disappoints or locks up.

Anonymous user

04:14:05 11/23/2017

good but, mine has an issue with the core. on the red side the GES nuts won't really work depending on which way you turn it it either gets losses or can get annoying when i solve, i recently contacted gan about it. i didn't rate it 1 star cause it is a good cube its just that mine has that issue


03:30:59 08/25/2017

I really like this cube, it is very good, smooth and has premium feeling. Instant-main! Highly recommending this cube :)

Anonymous user

11:59:53 06/02/2017

It is a great cube and I use it as my main


18:40:58 05/31/2017

Out of the box main over the DIY Valk 3 m Weilong Gts m! Really smooth and controllable with effortless turning. Over 45 degree corner cutting and more than a full piece reverse, very customisation as well. Highly recommended, also fits everyone's turning style!

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