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Anonymous user

04:47:29 10/22/2022

Excellent cube, you should definetely buy it as a beginner. My personal issue with it was that i thought stickerles and stickered versions of it are identical and I could combine parts of two cubes in cool ways, but sadly design for the edge pieces is mirrored on the stickered version. Don't make my mistake folks. I'm crying.


00:56:54 07/24/2022

Absolutely amazing cube.


05:12:37 10/17/2020

Se demoró 4 meses desde el pago, pero valió la pena.
Excelente cubo. Rápido, suave y buen corte de esquinas. No tengo bloqueos haciendo resoluciones. Todo esto sin colocarle imanes aún jaja

Anonymous user

22:50:12 04/21/2020

I really like yuxin little magic but after I see the price I had a doubt that it’s the real yuxin little magic so guys pls help me know it’s the original one

Anonymous user

07:52:11 08/13/2019

If you cube on a budget, its perfect choice for you beacuse its THE BEST for its price. If you put some n50 magnets in it, it probably same or even better than gan 356 x.

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