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02:12:15 12/09/2022

very decent budget cube. Once properly tensioned and lubed, I get some sub 15 on it. Conclusion: very good and usable cube.


17:51:20 05/15/2019

Cube seems good. Nice feel in the hand, and the tiles are better than expected. Nice colors. Cube is very dry and needs lubricatipn.


00:53:58 04/17/2019

Awesome 3x3x3 magnetic cube for USD8.45! But mine has a bit of problem! One corner was over glued with two small plastic peices inside! It made rattling sound but easy to fix. Anyway this cube is great for my liking and i am not really a speed cuber ( only sub 30 sec ). Love it!. J2019

Anonymous user

13:12:24 01/30/2019

The Yuxin Kylin V2 M quality exceeds the YJ MGC version 1 and 2. But it has a similar feel. It doesn't have swappable springs and magnets like the MGC. Not that you really need it. The vinyl inserts and the solid, precise feel of the cube exceeds the MGC in many ways. I like the strength of the magnets and the clicky, clacky feel of the Shengshou Mr. M better, personally. The Kylin V2 M does feel very smooth and the cube aligns sides very well with an ever so slight a push. The magnet strength is just right. It feels different than both the MGC and MR. M for a cheaper magnetic cube. Corner cutting is sub optimal but good enough OOTB. Perhaps re-adjusting tensions could optimize it. For what it is, it's a good buy and recommended. Especially for intermediate to advanced cubers. Beginner cubers will grow with this cube. And the price sits nicely between the Mr. M and the MGC. Nice.

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