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08:22:42 11/08/2019

Great value 10x10. Smooth turning and challenging to solve.
For those with small hands - this is a big cube

No pops or locks so far

One of my favorites at present


17:20:31 08/02/2019

Is that a 10x10? Yes, it is!

I was impressed with this puzzle from the first few turns I made with it. The Cubing Classroom MeiLong 10x10x10 turns very smooth and easily. My 9x9 is a little stiffer than this 10x10 which I think came with perfect tensions. It didn't appear to be lubricated, but it didn't need it. Maybe there is lubrication deeper inside, but I never felt it come to the surface.

First, I did the best checker board pattern I could. Then, I scrambled and solved it which took over an hour. It didn't pop or lock on me once as I was reasonably careful to square it up before each turn. The size is nice and fits comfortably in my hands. I can solve it while holding it and felt no need to table or lap it.

The edge pieces have the exact same width as my MoFang JiaoShi 9x9, however, the edge pieces are longer, which means the corners are a bit larger, too.

There is a certain center piece somewhere that makes a scratching sound. Maybe some plastic flash still attached to it. Other than that, I'm very impressed with this puzzle and the price.


13:01:58 07/26/2019

Received this Meilong 10x10 today! Awesome product with a very smooth feel. Some lubrication gets on the surface after a few solves but nothing a quick wipe down can’t fix. As a side note to the other review on here, of course it’s going to pop if you don’t align the pieces (and I didn’t get any pops myself, even after a few solves ). Name any big cubes like this that won’t pop. For this price, totally worth it. I like it better than the 11x11 because I like to solve for parity. Can’t wait for the 12x12.

Anonymous user

00:26:08 07/25/2019

I got it today and it turns very well!
It feels great (very smooth) but you have to aline it for it not to lock up or pop. I have done 2 solves and both times it poped. And fixing the pop was not that easy

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