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20:22:09 09/28/2022

The MoYu RS3M 2020 is by far the best cube in the world for it's price. I've purchased many standard budget 3x3 cubes before and none have come even remotely close to the incredible performance and feel of this cube. It's a 100% must buy for anyone who is thinking of getting even just a single 3x3 cube. You're going to want to follow these steps when you get one though.

Start by popping off a center cap so that you can take out one of the six screws with the included screwdriver. Put a couple drops of cube lube on the spring. Doing so will eliminate any unwanted spring noise and also allow the cube to move more smoothly when solving.

After a spring is treated, return the screw and adjust it's tightness to be the same as the opposite side by pulling on both sides of the cube to compare them.

Now take the small blue plastic bit it comes with to then adjust the spring tension systems on all six sides to your liking. There's eight tension settings on each side.

Finish it off by returning the six center caps and adding a few good drops of cube lube on all the interior areas of the cube before doing a fairly lengthy scramble and then you're good to go.


01:56:30 02/10/2021

Arrived in 14 days (10 working days). Out of the box it feels really dry, but after some solves it turns quite well for its price. For a budget cube, i highly recommend it.


21:07:55 10/15/2020

Hello world...i bought a lot of cubes in the last years. This one, the MoYu Rs3m is the best cube i ever bought...yes it is low budget, but that says nothing. Out of the box the cube is a little "dry", but one drop of lube buy recommendation

Anonymous user

03:52:06 08/12/2020

Amazing 3x3! perfect for intermediate, a little fast right out of the box, but you just need to break it in.

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