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18:14:12 10/21/2017

A really fun set to play with, with endless possobilities.

There are a few downsides though: The cube has a really simple mechanism with minimal corner cutting and no anti-pop, which doesn't really matter though since neiter are really that important on a bandaged cube.

Also the tiles are a pain to pull out, but at least they don't fall out by themselves.


07:13:05 07/07/2017

Es un cubo excelente, este cubo tiene todas las piezas necesarias para que puedes tener todas las variantes de cubo bandaged que existen y las que puedas imaginar. Además, sin ser un cubo de velocidad tiene un giro suave y es agradable de resolver. Cubo 100% recomendado.


23:59:33 06/12/2017

Finally. Thank you so much. What an amazing cube.


23:38:27 12/24/2016

Please let me know when you have in stock again.
Thanks :)


01:43:46 09/09/2016

Please remind me when you have this cube in stock. Love to have one in MyCollection. Cheers!

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