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23:49:44 02/09/2017

was very disappointed with this cube at first , now its fast and may be my main


22:44:37 09/03/2016

Excelente cubo, gira muito bem e cortas quinas muitos bons.
Detalhe importante: Sempre vem muito bem embalado e protegido, a caixinha do cubo chega intacta.


05:40:17 09/19/2015

Me encanta. Tenia el stickerless que ya me parecia bueno pero este es incluso mejor o por lo menos es mas comodo a mi gusto


23:38:58 11/20/2014

Awesome cube. Turns well, great corner cutting (but not as good as MoYu WeiLong Version II) and really faster. If you used to play with your storebought Rubik's, you'll feel the difference.

10/10, would scramble again.

Es un cubo inreible, gira muy bien y suave y corta esquinas con mucha facilidad, aunque no tanta como MoYu WeiLong II. Es realmente rápido, hay que controlarlo. Notarás la diferencia si sueles hacer tu cubo de Rubik de marca, este es mil veces mejor.


14:19:12 08/29/2014

It's fast, but sometimes it can get out of control. Maybe it's just me but it pops a bit too much. Still a very good cube for those who are looking for speed, not control.

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