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23:20:13 08/30/2017

Muy entretenido, a pesar de su aspecto inofensivo, se deforma y puede confundir a quien no esté familiarizado con los puzles de este tipo.


17:11:58 05/19/2017

I like it !


02:52:42 04/06/2017

I like it but I think it's a bit small ( and my hands are small ). Good 3x3x3 Mod. It turns OK. Good for MyCollection I guess. Never enough of 3x3x3 Mod! More is better than less. J2017

Anonymous user

09:11:05 12/04/2016

This cube looks fun, and is a cool shape mod but is not really worth it, you could spend a bit more and get a AMAZING Fang yuan cube which is out of this world. But this is a great collector cube, I mean CAKKEEEE


01:59:11 08/18/2016

I can't give this puzzle a bad rating, so it isn't even 4 bucks, that is basically nothing. You can't expect Aolong-quality by this price.

First of all the puzzle turns fine. Obviously not the best, but it is good. The corner cut is also not bad, but also not great. Main problem are the center caps which fall off on basically every second turn. I glued some of them on, now I just have rare center pops, so you can fix the problem easily.
Overall it is a fun shape shifter which you have to have in collection, it is also not too hard to solve.

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