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07:06:35 02/06/2023

Beautiful colors, but the turns is not so good. It's needs a little bit of lub. Good challenge.


04:54:14 04/08/2019

Great puzzle, very difficult, you might want to invest in an extra set of stickers because there's are so small they tend to fall off the puzzle quite easily, I'd recommend this for moderate cubers who have solves things like a 4x4 pyraminx and rex cube first before diving into something this complex


02:46:46 07/09/2018

Very fun and challenging cube. I'm very happy with it.

But i can't give it 5 stars because i had to tighten the screws, in order to reduce the amount of stucked turns and the number of tiny pieces pops per solve (easy to put back in place, but loosing one was a matter of time). Also, i needed to glue one small sticker.

After some adjustment the tiny piece pops are very unusual, and turns very well.


21:23:02 02/03/2018

The Lim Cube Dreidel was a very fun, long and challenging solve. While not quite as difficult as Eitan’s Star, it more easily fits in your pocket. But be careful if pocketing it while it’s shape-shifted as the little pedals can poke you. I didn’t have any trouble with the stickers. I’ve solved it twice now and no stickers came off. I did experience about 2 or 3 pops per solve. The little edge pieces can pop out, but are easy to push back in. The 3x3 face turning isn’t that smooth. You will notice some catching. But the corner turning is super smooth.


14:42:51 11/01/2017

Good cube, its very fun cube and hard cube.

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