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22:02:55 11/09/2017

Excellent cube! I use nearly 2 years. The cube still flies! I advise all.

Anonymous user

18:56:08 08/18/2017

Best ever


03:50:31 04/19/2017

Muy buen precio para un excelente cubo. El envió a Chile demora casi 40 días.


08:55:38 04/02/2017

This is an excellent cube. If you like clicky cubes than this cube will be really fun to use. Some people say that this cube is too fast. But my weilong gts is very controllable. If you are a beginner, then this cube might not be the best for you.
IF you are a more advanced cuber, then I would recommend that you get this cube for you collection since it is a major main contender for most people.
IF you want to spend more get the VALK 3 14.5
IF you want to spend less than get the Qiyi warrior W 2.85

Anonymous user

21:23:26 03/24/2017

Honestly, i think this cube is better then the Valk3... ut no as good as the Gans Air...BUT Weilong GTS ist definetely one of the best cubes yet...

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