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17:34:44 04/30/2024

Un cubo muy divertido y ameno. No es muy complicado, quizás las últimas capas como en cualquier otro. La única pega es que la ruleta de los números gira un poco mal, se atasca y hay que tener cuidado porque si fuerzas salta la pieza. Pero por el precio que tiene está muy bien. Recomendado.


11:45:51 06/19/2022

I like this puzzle a lot. Out of the box it is scratchy and it does catch, but after a few solves it’s fine especially because by then you’re used to the concept of proper alignment, algorithms, etc. I haven’t had any popping issues. It’s a fun solve and surprisingly simple. It’s not too time consuming, but does take more time than a standard 2x2 or 3x3. The shades are vibrant. It’s not very quiet, but aside from that I recommend it. It’s a fun puzzle, an eye catcher, and a great add to the collection.


14:13:03 04/17/2019

When my Time Machine finally came in the mail, I accidentally set it to 1955 and when I opened my eyes- WOW! I saw old cars and a crazy scientist with white hair. He told me to set it to 1985. 1985 was cool, but when I tried to set it to 2015, the Time Machine popped and I was stuck in 1985. So I had to mail this review to via western union.

The puzzle seems pretty easy until you get down to the last two faces. Then, it throws you a challenge. You need to come up with a simple commutator that swaps only two pieces. Good luck! Yes, the puzzle catches if the dials aren't lined up perfectly.

Be careful not to get stuck in the wrong year.


02:12:17 08/28/2018

Its fun, but sometimes it doesn't turn very well and it catches. The white face turns harder (orange, according to people who reviewed it on other websites). The other faces turn better. It misaligns easily. Sometimes the "hour" pieces pop if you turn it to fast. To put them back, I found it's easier to pull two halves away compressing the springs. These can be expected because it has many pieces. The puzzle itself looks cool and it's fun to solve, but sometimes is tedious.

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