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Drop-Shipping FAQs

Any registered member can drop-ship products directly from China to international customers. The first time you try to do this there may be a delay while we contact you to check the order is authorised (anti fraud check). doesn't offer a paid dropshipping service for re-branding packages and invoices.When dropshipping, please use the online checkout comments box to add your customer's phone number.This is necessary for the courier to use in case of delivery problems.It will not be used by

If you are dropshipping to Brazil you must add the recipient's CPF number to the checkout comments box.

Key Dropshipping FAQs:

1. Do you have a minimum order quantity? Can I order one piece at a time?

You can order 1 piece at a time.

2. Can you ship to [country]?

Yes,we ship worldwide-anywhere served by the couriers DHL, EMS, UPS, which is pretty much everywhere
Except:China mainland. We don't ship within China because we are an export-only company in China.

3. Is it OK to ship directly to my customers?

- Yes.You can drop-ship simply by entering a new address in the shipping address field during the online checkout process.
- Do not add the shipping address to your order comments as that may be missed during our warehouse processing.
- You must change the shipping address for the order.
- You may,if you wish,enter your dropship customer's address in the Paypal payment process,but this is not necessary.

4. If you ship to my customers can you also provide me with invoices?

You can download and print out invoices from your account online.

5. If you shipped directly to my customers could you guarantee that your packages and invoice would not identify your company?

Yes.When dropshipping the package we send does not have anything with on it,and neither do the products apart from a plain packing label. The invoice that MUST accompany ALL packages for customs reasons also will not be in the name of

6. Would you be able to label the packages and invoice with my own company name/logo? If so would you charge an extra fee for this?

Currently this service is not available.

Dropshipping delivery/shipping points:

1. What method of shipping?

EMS,UPS,or DHL,chosen during the online checkout process. You can preview the prices once logged in
Other methods of shipping are not available on normal orders placed online.

2. How to quote/pay?

Please search the Quick Help for basics on how to log in and place orders.

3. How fast?

Please allow 7-15 working days for delivery from the time of submitting payment

4. How to get tracking details?

Your tracking number is emailed to you from 24 hours after the goods are dispatched. The delay is because we have to wait for the goods to clear customs when going from China out through Hong Kong.

5. How to deal with customs and taxes?

- All of the normal import paperwork is dealt with by the courier.
- If there are taxes to pay,the courier will pay them and then bill you later.
- In the case of dropshipping this could mean your customer is unexpectedly presented with an additional import tax bill when signing for the goods.We recommend you warn customers about this possibility and you may wish to offer to refund them for that

6. How to deal with delivery problems?

Any problems delivering will be dealt with by in consulation with you,the drop-ship seller

7. How to deal with returns?

If there is a fault,the product can be returned for a replacement under the standard 12 month warranty.
In this case please open a support ticket first and we will give you instructions how to proceed
You can tell your customer to send the goods to,or you can get them to return them to you first.

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